In order to identify and develop talent, the school has put in place a number of clubs to suit different needs.Children now have an opportunity to join any club of their choice. The clubs usually meet every Friday afternoon and carry out club activities.It is really fun time for the children.

The clubs have an annual work plan and the major activities carried out are trainings, camping, discussions, presentations, concerts, study tours and sensitization of both pupils,staff,parents and other stake holders.

The membership is free and pupils are allowed to join more than one club. The members comprise of both boys and girls and staff also join depending on their interest. The staff guide and train the pupils on what they can do best and also advise them on which club to join basing on their talent and interest.

Parents participate by encouraging the children to join the different clubs. allowing them to participate in the different club activities and making some contributions towards study tours, camping and concerts.

The school is yet to establish other clubs so that all the children’s needs are catered for. Our objective is to see to it that each pupil at least belongs to a club.Our target is develop leadership skills and a whole some person.

Scouting Club


Scouting was established at Victorious Education Services in September 2009 in a three day investiture camp, where 5 patrols of seven scouts each totaling to 35 in number were investitured.

Music, Dance & Drama


This club was established in Victorious Education Services in 2005. The club now boosts of 190 members (37 boys and 153 girls). The club activities range from singing, dancing, acting…

Scripture Union


The club was established in 2009 with a main objective of developing pupil’s relationship with their creator and providing an environment for the club members to socialize with others. The club comprises …