This department comprises of supervisors, chefs and cleaners. The department ensures pupils have their meals on time. They also make sure the meal is served in a clean environment and a well balanced diet given to the children. The school has a well laid out menu for both breakfast and lunches that guide the chefs on what meals should be prepared each day.


  • The pupils are served clean and hygienic meals on time.
  • The pupils have uniform meals which unites them as a family
  • Meal times have helped children learn table manners
  • Children have been able to use this time to interact hence instilling into them a spirit of togetherness


As a school we discourage parents from packing food items for their children due to the following reasons;

  • To avoid inconveniencing parents
  • For uniformity as a Victorious Education Services family
  • To avoid food poisoning since packed food can easily go bad
  • School  provides well balanced diet
  • Food is likely to soil the children’s books and bag
  • Packed food makes children lack concentration in class

We urge parents to abide by the school rules so that we enable the children have healthy meals in a healthy environment.