Why Victorious Education Services

We provide an all round education so that all pupils can achieve their full potential academically, physically, spiritually and socially. We teach children to have a personal relationship with God at an early age and to pray and to depend on God always. The Academic excellence is unquestionable as our children are given individual attention.

We have activity based learning, reading and writing, games and sports. We emphasize wholesomeness of a person; we train the head, heart and hands. We develop all the three major parts of an individual. This enables us to identify talent, tap and develop it early. Our pupils are outstanding in Music Dance and Drama, Sports, Swimming and other activities. We teach children values that can enable them live right in society.

Developing Talent

In order to identify and develop talent, the school has put in place a number of clubs to suit different needs.Children now have an opportunity to join any club of their choice. The clubs usually meet every Friday afternoon and carry out club activities.It is really fun time for the children.

The clubs have an annual work plan and the major activities carried out are trainings, camping, discussions, presentations, concerts, study tours and sensitization of both pupils,staff,parents and other stake holders.


Environmental exposure

In order to expose the pupils to the environment and to enable pupils learn and interact with their environment. Victorious Education Services organizes and takes pupils for study tours within the country and outside Uganda.

A study tour enables pupils to physically see what they have been learning in class which promotes learning outside class. In Uganda, Victorious Education Services has organized tours to Ssezibwa falls, Bujjagali falls, Queen Elizabeth National park, Uganda Museum etc.


Swimming as a sport

Swimming is a sport that involves all classes. This sport is optional at Victorious Education Services. We emphasize for all swimmers to carry the following requirements; Swimming costumes, towels, sandals and a floater for starters.

To ensure safety of the children, the swimming coach, class teachers, transporters and teachers on duty accompany the children to the swimming pool and stand by while the children are taking swimming lessons. Those enrolled for this program rate from three years and above.


Giving Back to communities

Victorious Education Services organizes and carries out a number of activities every year in an effort to fulfill the school vision and mission. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the areas where the school management committee, the staff, pupils and parents extend their help to meet a particular need among the people in the community.

The school realized that it is her responsibility as an institution to share with those in need and carry out various activities to improve people’s lives.


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