Victorious Education Services established the hygiene department to ensure the children and staff live in a clean and healthy environment. The objective of this department is to make sure that  Victorious has a clean surrounding and both staff and pupils observe good health practices in the school and the communities where they live. The department comprises of 2 school nurses and hygiene assistants.

The school nurses carry out the following role;

  • They provide First Aid to children and staff members when necessary.
  • To ensure that the school premises are clean and children are in a healthy environment hence they supervise the hygiene assistants.
  • Sensitizing pupils and staff on health matters


In order to ensure the children are well attended to in the school , management  put in place the following;

  • A sick bay well stocked with First Aid kit and full time nurse
  • Mattresses and bed sheets for children to use for rest after lunch
  • A bathroom with facilities to assist in enabling the children wash and change especially the girls and young children.