This club was established in Victorious Education Services in 2005. The club now boosts of 190 members (37 boys and 153 girls). The club activities range from singing, dancing, acting, instrumental work, fashion and design shows, poetry, comedy among others.

The club’s main objectives range from identifying pupils, developing a holistic person, helping pupils have a wide range of skills to obtain a bright future, exposing of pupils, motivating pupils develop a good command of public speaking among others.

The club has staged three excellent plays,

  • 2005-2006  The Pearl of Africa
  • 2007-2008    Whose child
  • 2009   The relevation


The club has registered several achievements as follows;

  • The club managed to travel to Dar-es-Salaam and put up a successful performance.
  • MDD club always puts up annual impressive performances in re-known theatres in Uganda.
  • This club has acquired a lot of different unique and beautiful costumes.
  • Our audience during shows has greatly grown
  • Our pupils have greatly attained confidence hence coming up with fabulous performances

Unique Characteristics:

The MDD club has unique characteristics that make them outstanding;

  • They stage excellent performances with the very young children
  • They develop self esteem among learners
  • Development of leadership skills among learners
  • They identify and develop pupils’ talents.


The club has a few challenges as follows;

  • Some parents have a negative attitude towards MDD. They regard it as a wastage of pupils class time for academic work.
  • MDD is an expensive club hence requires a lot of funds.

Future Plans:

The MDD club plans to go to greater heights hence the future plans are ;

  • Staging regular shows with in and without Uganda.
  • Joining National schools competitions
  • Follow up of members to promote talent

We do request parents to support their children who have joined different school clubs especially MDD so that we develop their talent.