Scouting was established at Victorious Education Services in September 2009 in a three day investiture camp, where 5 patrols of seven scouts each totaling to 35 in number were investitured.

The following group of teachers form the scout committee;

  • Tr. Mawerere Eddy-Camp Chief
  • Tr. Lutaaya Patrick- Leader training
  • Tr. Obbo William- Leader training
  • Tr. Nankya Lillian-Leader training
  • Tr. Tumwejukye Justus- leader training
  • Mr. Tenywa Success-Trainer


The club has a very organized leadership structure comprising of both pupils and staff as stated below;

  • Patron- Chief Commandant-  Tr. Mawerere Eddy
  • Troup leaders-Training Commandants
  • Patrol leaders
  • Assistant Patrol leaders
  • Scouts in Patrols of seven.

The scouts club currently has 5 patrols of boys (5×7=35 scouts) and 5 patrols of girls (5X7=35 scouts) totaling to 70 scouts that have a unique identity that makes them different from other clubs. The members have a scouts uniform, they are investitured in an investiture camp and undergo camp training competitions which gives awards such as;

  • Tender foot level (junior scout)
  • Pionnering level (Junior adventure)
  • Basic training Course ( Venture, Rover, leader Scouts)
  • Wood budge (Venture, Rover, leader Scouts)
  • Beads (Leaders and Commissioners)

The Club’s Aim:

The club’s main aim of existence is to train and develop the following skills in both the children and staff of Victorious Education Services;

  • Physical fitness
  • Social skills
  • Leadership skills as in patrol leaders, commandants etc
  • Prepare people who can endure multiple challenges and over come them.
  • Creativity in several ways of life
  • People of trust and honour
  • People who can conserve nature
  • People of courage (eliminate fear)
  • People who have love for their country (Patriotism)
  • First Aid provision skills
  • Time management skills

Club Activities:

The scouts club has a number of activities that develop the children’s character. The activities range from pioneering training, First Aid training, sports activities, tent construction, challenge valley, water activities, fire fighting, security alertness, hiking, parade and flag ceremonies, community service, Good turn (working for some one without pay),Bob a job (working for pay), nutrition counseling and camp cooking  to scout own (personal management).


The club has registered a number of achievements as stipulated below;

  • Growth in number of members
  • The scouts club members have acquired enough skills
  • Acquired certificates of merits and attendance
  • The club members have all acquired uniforms
  • The club has qualified for the National Camp Competition (Camporee)
  • Acquired six camping tents
  • Three of the leaders have undergo a Basic Training Course (BTC) to add on to the number of other leaders who have trained for the wood badge.

The club has a challenge of trained lady staff who have other commitments and so do not have time to train the scouts. The scouts club has future plans to introduce cub scouts in Primary one to middle classes. They have plans to train more staff who shall lead and guide the scouts and cubs, just as the motto says ‘’SCOUTS BE PREPARED” so is Victorious Education Services prepared to take this club to greater heights.

The club has so far started a cub scouts club for the pupils in Primary one and for those in Pre-Primary and middle classes.