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We thank God for the wonderful 2017 PLE results. We got 230 first grades and 63 second grades. 12 pupils scored aggregate 4 and 24 pupils scored aggregate 5. 31 pupils scored aggregate 6.

We thank all parents, teachers, the administration and all stake holders for the continued support, encouragement and trust that has kept Victorious Education Services on track, in providing excellent education.

Glory be to God. Victory belongs to Jesus. We are Victorious because God is able.

Students, Parents and Teachers Celebrating The Good Performance:



  1. Dear All,

    I do appreciate your service. Your form student Amanya Mark is doing well here in the USA and his teachers are so proud of him because of the prodigious foundation you gave him. I have to thank you all for the wonderful work you’re doing. Blessings upon you all. Wilson

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