Swimming is a sport that involves all classes. This sport is optional at Victorious Education Services. We emphasize for all swimmers to carry the following requirements; Swimming costumes, towels, sandles and a floater for starters. To ensure safety of the children, the swimming coach, class teachers, transporters and teachers on duty accompany the children to the swimming pool and stand by while the children are taking swimming lessons.

Those enrolled for this program rate from three years and above. Mainly they begin with baby classes, middle classes, pre-primary then upper classes. Baby classes swim from 9.30am-10.30am where as Pre –Primary and middle classes 10.30am-11.45am and the other classes from 2.00pm-3.30pm.They usually swim on week days that is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We use floaters for young children and starters. All children begin from the shallow end of the pool until they gain confidence then they can be introduced to the deep ends gradually.

Swimming Gala

Victorious Education Services holds a swimming gala once a year usually in second term, where all the children compete in their colours and the winning colour is recognized. The school also participates in swimming competitions outside the school. We have so far participated in Kampala Kids Swimming Cup and we were in second position out of twelve schools around Kampala.

The children do benefit a lot from this sport. It helps them become physically fit and it’s a relaxing sport. This sport has also enabled the children gain courage and build confidence hence instilling into them lifeskills.