The club was established in 2009 with a main objective of developing pupil’s relationship with their creator and providing an environment for the club members to socialize with others. The club comprises of 40 boys and 60 girls totaling to 100 members. The club has a patron and has a leadership structure of a chairperson, vice chairperson, Secretary and a club secretary. The scripture union club is based on biblical principles and social aspects for example music and camps.

Club Activities;

  • Reading and memorizing the scriptures
  • Singing and drama
  • Outings e.g camps and seminars


  • It has enabled pupils develop good relationship with their creator
  • Developed leadership skills through camping
  • Pupils can pray and lead prayers
  • Most of the members can read the bible individually
  • The club received some Christian literature books and each child was given a book.


The club has a few challenges;

  • Some members do not have bibles
  • Time for the activities is not sufficient

Future Plans;

  • To establish a scripture Union choir and drama group
  • To buy uniform for the club choir
  • To start up art and craft activities